• Two minutes overview of TevaDial a new way of CTI to your CRM

TevaDial is a system to boost your productivity to increase sales and high revenue generation. Possibility of more Conversation and more Dial.Tevadial, a new way of CTI to your  CRM for efficient productivity to increase sales and high revenue generation

What tevadial Offers ?

  • Auto
  • Power
  • Preview
  • Click to Call

Where We Stand Out ?

  • We encourage and help our customers to create innovative products in Telecom domain
  • We possess a dedicated developer team to provide you best in customized application
  • We maintain a Strong deployment team to deploy solutions in a prompt manner
  • We focus on VoIP security too, we don’t stop with just installing

  • We make it a habit of exceeding expectations and cater every need of our clients
  • We are always In-The-Know of latest trends
  • We possess extensive experience in working with industries belonging to various sectors
  • Our team is fortified with Asterisk Certified Engineers